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Hi and welcome!

This is a manga based roleplaying site with fantasy, romance and action. Mostly action and the battles will resolve around swords and magic. The outcome of the battles will mostly be determined by dice rolls but people will be allowed to use unique tricks which eliminates the luck of the dice. Such as magic casts, tactical moves or powerful sword techniques. The players will be humen who are fighting monsters and at times demons and gods. The goal of the player is to collect magic stones which are guarded by powerful monsters. Where the players will most likely to need to co-operate with other players to defeat the guardians.
After all the magic stones have been collected, the player is allowed to enter the castle of elites. Where their goal is to defeat everyone with a higher rank to finally taking the title as the one.

Don't worry about deaths. The God of Death has lost his controll over the dead and they are able to repeatly escape the underworld. However, it doesn't always go as smoothly. There are still, even if it's in small numbers these days, demons who are ever loyal to the god of death, will try to violantly keep the inhabitants to remain there. Which will make the players need to force themselves out with a fight.

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